When you think of the word intravenous, or it’s commonly seen abbreviation IV, you are instantly filled with thoughts of hospitals and needing to have liquids injected directly into the bloodstream to keep you strong. Now though, and for the last 65 years or so, IV therapy has been used to provide vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream to give a range of different effects and benefits.

IV therapy is simply just the infusion of a concoction of different vitamins and minerals in liquid form, directly into the bloodstream. Back in the 1950’s, a Baltimore based physician named Dr John Myers looked to introduce the use of intravenous injections of vitamins and minerals as a treatment method for a number of different medical conditions. Thousands of patients over the coming years, with a huge range of conditions, responded significantly well to the treatment of what became known as the “Myers Cocktail” with illnesses such as asthma, migraines, depression, sinusitis and chronic fatigue among many others benefiting from the therapy.

Nowadays, IV therapies are not used to treat illnesses as much (though IV treatments do still exist in hospitals for medical reasons) and a number of healthy patients are choosing to receive periodic therapies as part of their regular wellbeing regime to enhance their overall wellness for long periods of time. But why are people doing this rather than simply taking a few daily supplements?

Approximately 1 in every 3 people take some form of daily supplement, whether that is multivitamin or Omega oil, and everyone knows how beneficial these are to the body. What a lot of people don’t know though is that when you swallow a vitamin in its tablet form, the natural absorption processes within the body can render approximately 85% of the vitamin completely useless, which at the most basic level means that when you ingest any form of vitamin or mineral via tablet form or within your food, you only actually receive around 15% of the nutrients.

With IV therapy, these nutrients are injected via a small needle directly into your bloodstream and will immediately get to work on providing the boost that your body needs, with much higher concentrations than the 15% from ingesting food being absorbed and utilised.

Every different clinic that offers these IV therapies will offer a different range that are available to be used, however some of the more popular and common ones are;

  • Energy Boost – A highly charged IV therapy with high doses of B vitamins, Magnesium and energy boosting amino acids such as taurine to leave you feeling energised and detoxified.
  • Diet & Detox – This is an amazing concoction of replenishing fluids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to reduce any toxicity within the body and help burn off any excess stubborn body fats.
  • Anti-ageing – A specially formulated therapy with high dose IV glutathione and a perfect mixture of nutrients designed to fight the ageing process and leave your skin feeling amazing.
  • The Myers Cocktail – The Myers Cocktail is a mixture of intravenous vitamins and minerals with the added bonus of high dose glutathione to increase overall wellness within the body.