Acne Treatments

Dermapen treatments can be an effective solution if you are seeking a way to get rid of the unfortunate scarring that usually follows with acne.

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Acne Treatments

Acne is a commonly occurring condition during adolescence, but it can also occur during adulthood. It can be an extremely frustrating condition and if it is left untreated, can cause long lasting damage to the skin. Whether you are a teenager experiencing acne or an adult who is suffering with it, Dermapen treatments can be an effective solution if you are seeking a way to get rid of the unfortunate scarring that usually follows with acne.

Dermapen is a handheld machine with microscopic disposable needles on top. Your aesthetician will run the device across the surface of your skin to create microscopic punctures, encouraging the skin to begin its natural healing processes and repair the damage and begin the production of collagen in the skin. The results of Dermapen with acne scars can be exceptional since the depth of the needles can be adjusted, allowing for the damaged skin to be repaired from a deeper layer.

Because treating acne scars can become slightly uncomfortable, your aesthetician will apply numbing cream before the treatment to help keep you at ease. The surface of the skin may become red or inflamed after treatment and although there is some downtime required following the treatment, it is nowhere near as extensive as with other acne treatments. You will be able to see a difference immediately following your first treatment, though for optimum results we do recommend a course of 4-6 treatments.

All acne treatments are tailored to the individual and your own personal experiences and results may vary. Before going ahead with any procedure, we will carry out a one to one consultation with your aesthetician to safely discuss your treatment options.

Dermapen Treatment Summary

30-60 minutes


Anaesthetic cream

Up to 48 hours

Maintenance courses may be required

For full results a course of 6 treatments is recommended

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If you’re on the fence about having a treatment done, why not read some of the comments below from previous clients who were more than happy to share their experience.

I had a treatment a few weeks ago and can confirm the results are amazing I was very impressed with Sharon and Lindsey, both were friendly and very professional and make you feel relaxed. The treatment itself was a little uncomfortable but not painful. I would definitely recommend this clinic to everyone.


Well what an amazing hair removal treatment. I tried this treatment at another clinic and it’s was painful and awful. This time at Better Body Clinic it was a completely different experience. Totally painless and amazing experience. Both the ladies that run this clinic are fabulous. I had a detailed consultation and then the treatment was superb. I have booked a course and second session in 4 weeks. Can’t wait!!! Thanks so much


Loved coming to the salon today , was lovely to have abit of pampering for a change ..Sharon and Lindsey are lovely and very professional, and would definitely recommend this salon to anyone wanting these professional treatments…..will definitely be back for more treatments… thanx girls xx

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