PRP Cellenis Facial

A revolutionary new treatment which is often referred to by the media as either a ‘vampire facelift’ or ‘dracula therapy’.

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PRP Cellenis Facial

Platelet rich plasma or PRP therapy, also known as autologous rejuvenation therapy is a revolutionary new treatment which is often referred to by the media as either a ‘vampire facelift’ or ‘dracula therapy’. The therapy itself works on the basis that the body’s natural healing processes and powers can slow and in some cases even reverse the ageing process by positioning growth factors in the exact location where we need the skin to repair and rejuvenate.

A small amount of your blood will be taken during the treatment and is then treated in a centrifuge to separate and harvest the PRP from the blood. This is then re-injected into the desired area to give the skin a more plump look, fill out any fine line lines and wrinkles and give the skin an overall more radiant appearance. PRP therapy has been used in urology, ophthalmology, dentistry, neurosurgery, orthopaedics and sports medicine for a number of years now to aid in the treating of muscle and ligament injuries, pain, skin lesions and more. Following the success of the PRP therapies in a medical practice, the procedure has since been developed into a cosmetic procedure.

The platelets, contained within your blood cells, contain a high content of ‘growth factors’ which are proteins that help to repair and heal injured tissue and damaged skin. Following the centrifuge process and re-injection, the platelets then release their growth factors which in turn trigger the surrounding cells to multiply, stimulating repair processes and increasing the volume and rejuvenation properties of the skin.


PRP therapy works by harvesting platelets from the patient’s blood to inject them into the skin areas experiencing problems, giving a reason for the treatment to have the nicknames ‘Vampire Facelift’ and ‘Dracula Therapy’. Prior to the procedure, a small amount of blood will be taken from the patient and is placed in a centrifuge where the blood is spun at high speed to separate the blood cells from the platelet rich plasma. The plasma, which is the main component of the blood that is known to be highly effective in treating burns and skin injuries, is then injected into the chosen area to reduce fine lines and wrinkles whilst plumping up the skin.

The therapy works by releasing growth factors into the skin which cause the surrounding cells to multiply and begin healing the skin. When the plasma is injected into the skin, the platelets release their growth factors which stimulate the surrounding cells to multiply. One of the cells which is stimulated is the fibroblast cell which is responsible for creating collagen, this is what gives your skin its youthful appearance. As you age your body produces less collagen and this is what causes the fine lines and wrinkles to appear in your skin, because PRP therapy stimulates the cells to continue or renew production of collagen it aids in counteracting and potentially ‘reversing’ the ageing process.

PRP therapy can be used to treat numerous cosmetic problems such as fine lines and wrinkles or crepey skin around the mouth and nose, crow’s feet around the eyes and mild drooping or sagging skin around the eyes or on the cheeks. It can also be used to improve the appearance of dehydrated and dry skin anywhere on the body.

In a medical sense rather than as a cosmetic treatment, PRP therapy is used to treat a multitude of problems including osteoarthritis and ligament injuries. To put it simply, it has a nearly unlimited capability to be used anywhere on the body for a huge number or problems.

During your first visit, our aesthetician will discuss your goals and expected outcomes from the PRP therapy as well as any potential problems that could be connected to the treatment based on your medical history.

Your medical history is taken to ensure that there is no pre-existing reason that you shouldn’t have the treatment done and you will then be asked to read through detailed information related to the therapy which will outline any potential side effects. Following this, you will be asked to sign a consent form to show that you have understood what will happen during the treatment as well as any potential side effects. Your aesthetician may also request to take photographs to show you a ‘before and after’ comparison of the treatment.

Approximately 10-20 minutes before your procedure, 10-20ml of blood will be drawn in a similar way to when you will have a blood test at your doctor’s office. This blood is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelet rich plasma from the red blood cells using one of our systems.

Any makeup on the skin will be removed and an antiseptic will be applied to the predetermined injection site. A local anaesthetic will then be applied and the PRP will be injected into the skin using a very fine needle, these injections will be performed in multiple locations in the target area to ensure that you will see an overall improvement in the area.

The recovery time linked to PRP therapy is minimal and is very similar to a visit to the doctor for a blood test. The re-injection procedure involves the use of a topical anaesthetic rather than a local or general anaesthetic, meaning that many of our patients are comfortable returning to normal activities directly after the treatment.

Because the blood used is your own, there are very few side effects associated with PRP therapies. Immediately after the procedure, it is normal to expect some form of bruising, swelling and redness at the injection sites, as well as some tenderness and slight pain, however these side effects should dissipate within a few days of the procedure.

Following your treatment, it is very important to follow the advice of your aesthetician. This advice could include;

  • The use of painkillers to treat soreness or pain in the treated area, as recommended
  • The use of cold compresses to treat swelling in the treated area, as recommended

Many of our patients are able to go straight back to their normal regime following treatment, however if you experience any pain or tenderness at the treatment site then you are advised to take extra care when washing and caring for your skin in the days following the procedure.

Most people with general good health are suitable candidates for PRP therapy and it is recommended as a safe treatment for individuals who are unable to undergo more invasive face lift procedures due to the risks associated with general anaesthetic. It is worth noting that PRP treatments will not give the same results as a surgical face lift.

Individuals who are experiencing platelet dysfunction syndrome, critical thrombocytopenia, hypofibrinogenaemia, haemodynamic instability, sepsis, acute & chronic infections and chronic liver pathology are not suitable candidates for PRP therapy. You will also not be considered a suitable candidate if you are undergoing anti-coagulant therapy.

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If you’re on the fence about having a treatment done, why not read some of the comments below from previous clients who were more than happy to share their experience.

I had a treatment a few weeks ago and can confirm the results are amazing I was very impressed with Sharon and Lindsey, both were friendly and very professional and make you feel relaxed. The treatment itself was a little uncomfortable but not painful. I would definitely recommend this clinic to everyone.


Well what an amazing hair removal treatment. I tried this treatment at another clinic and it’s was painful and awful. This time at Better Body Clinic it was a completely different experience. Totally painless and amazing experience. Both the ladies that run this clinic are fabulous. I had a detailed consultation and then the treatment was superb. I have booked a course and second session in 4 weeks. Can’t wait!!! Thanks so much


Loved coming to the salon today , was lovely to have abit of pampering for a change ..Sharon and Lindsey are lovely and very professional, and would definitely recommend this salon to anyone wanting these professional treatments…..will definitely be back for more treatments… thanx girls xx

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