Exercise on its own it such a time consuming way for you to fight those pesky inches off your waistline, and with some exercises taking a long time for you to begin to see any physical change. Even with newer advancements in weight loss science and programs such as SlenderJab® coming onto the scene, normal weight loss methods still take some time for the effects to show. But what about simply just freezing your fat away?

Cyrogenic lipolysis, also known as cryolipolysis or fat freezing, is the latest celebrity trend in losing weight and surprisingly, it’s nowhere near as dangerous as you might think when you see the word “freezing” being associated with your body. In fact, one of the biggest worries with fat freezing is simply the terminology used in the treatment name, the word freezing. The good news is that your fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than water so it won’t be too bad, however no matter what area on your body that you decide to have the treatment done, there’s no hiding from the fact that it is definitely going to be cold. In fact, the usage of modern technology allows just a certain area of fat cells to be targeted and therefore it’s a much more comfortable and bearable sensation to deal with.

The process itself is simply just cooling fat cells down to a point where they freeze and begin to reach the apoptosis process (which is really just a fancy way to say that the cell is at the end of its life cycle). During a fat freezing treatment, the process is just sped up compared to normal and kills and disposes of the targeted fat cells during the treatment.

Once the treatment is done, all you need to do is carry out your day to day life and the natural processes of your body will carry out the rest of the work for you. Sweating, breathing and using the bathroom, in fact any of the bodies natural waste removal methods with allow you to get rid of the frozen and dead fat cells. Although the fat removal is permanent, there is no damage to the surrounding skin cells or tissues in the body, it’s just a way of speeding up a natural process. You don’t even see any fat or fatty deposits in the waste that you pass, just your normal bodily waste.

Now I know we started this off by complaining about losing weight being so time consuming and as with any form of aesthetic treatment, results will vary from person to person but typically, there is no immediate impact from the fat freezing treatment. In fact, it can take anywhere from a couple of weeks up to around 3 months to see the full results and extent of the treatment. Normally just one treatment will do though sometimes, multiple treatments can be performed, especially if you are looking to remove larger amounts of fat or from multiple different areas such as legs and abdomen.