So, we are just a week or so into 2019’s series of Love Island and we are officially HOOKED!
Viewers of the show have already latched onto an islander beauty. 21-year-old sexy surfer, Lucie Donlan from Nequay, Cornwall. Who has caught the eyes of not only the nation but also Scottish Anton and hottie boxer Tommy – whilst coupled up with Joe. Joe, luckily won the eyes of the petite blonde when she picked him on Friday’s recoupling, during the episode the girls picked which boy they wanted to be coupled up with which lead to 27 year old, welsh boy Callum, get sent home.

One of the best things for us to see in the villa, is the silk smooth skin of both the girls and boys, however, in the first episode we heard scottish boy Anton explian how he gets his mum to help him shave and wax in preperation for the 8 (hopeful) weeks on the island. The thought of having to mantain the waxing and shaving whilst living in the villa for the 12 contestants made us quite frankly, squirm. Is there anything worse than shaving rash in a bikini? Or ingrown hairs on your chest? We think not!

For these reasons we always recommend laser hair removal. A safe, fast and painless method of permanent hair removal that can be used for any skin type or colour on any area of the body.
Laser hair removal treatments work by passing light through the skin which is then absorbed into the melanin in the hair shaft that is responsible for regrowth and thermally destroys the cells. After approximately 6 treatments, you will have gotten rid of up to 90% of your unwanted hair permanently.

Our laser hair removal machines combine 3 different wavelengths to ensure complete removal of the hair. These are;
755nm – This is for use with thin hair removal and is very effective in patients with lighter hair or for hair around the lips/eyebrows etc.
808nm – Used for most kinds of hair removal.
1064nm – Used for the deepest layer of hair as this energy can penetrate deeper into the skin. This is especially good for patients with darker hair.
Laser hair removal is a safe, fast and painless method of permanent hair removal that can be used for any skin type or colour and can be used to remove any unwanted hair from any area of the body, including the face, arms, armpits, chest, back, bikini area and legs.

If you have a summer holiday coming up and want to feel beach ready, contact us now for a laser hair removal consultation and lets get you feeling and looking confident.