PRP, the much easier to say term for platelet rich plasma, is something that has been around for a long time now. In a medical sense, it’s been around since the 1970’s and has been used as way to aid the healing of sporting injuries and ligament problems and over more recent times has morphed into being used as a beauty treatment with the PRP facial that can be used to fight off the unsightly signs of ageing, but PRP therapy also has another use. PRP can now also be used as a method of hair therapy, and rather than being used to heal wounds or fight ageing, it can actually be used to strengthen your hair. 

PRP hair therapy utilises your own blood, and although that sounds like it will be scary to go through, its actually much less worrying or painful than you might imagine. In fact, it only uses a small amount of your blood for the entire treatment that will be taken in a way similar to a blood test, but its only one part of your blood that is actually required for the treatment and these are your platelets. 

Your blood is incredibly rich with these platelets which are in turn rich in something known as growth factors. These growth factors are scientifically known as one of the most potent natural healers found within the body and are experts at forcing the body into its own methods of healing to fight anything from an open wound to the cruel signs of ageing. 

In a similar manner to our PRP Cellenis facial, PRP hair therapy starts in the same fashion with a small amount of blood being extracted. This is where the platelet rich plasma is stored and needs to be treated itself before it can be used in the treatment. The next step is for the aesthetician to place the blood into a small centrifuge where it is spun at a high speed to separate this plasma from the rest of the blood. 

Once separated, the plasma is then ready to be used in the treatment and is injected into the scalp to heal, stimulate cell growth and promote the natural healing methods of the body, giving you stronger and shinier hair with more staying power. 

The huge thing about this treatment that puts people off is that it uses blood, however, because it’s all your own blood that is used, there are no transfusion risks associated at all and there are very few other risks or side effects that are involved at all. In fact the only real side effects of a PRP hair therapy treatment include a temporary bruising of the area that the blood was drawn from (as with any form of blood test) or also the area that the plasma is injected into and in some very extreme cases, can cause some hair loss to potentially worsen. 

A PRP hair therapy treatment is something that can be performed as a standalone treatment, or to anyone who wishes to have it done as a boost to their hair and strengthen their follicles, or can be performed as an additional treatment to someone wishing to have a hair transplant performed as a way to strengthen and boost the visible effects of their treatment.