Laser hair removal isn’t a new thing, in fact people have been using it for years now to help them get rid of their unwanted bodily hair (whether it’s on their legs, armpits or even their face). However, have laser hair removal is brought up as a topic, what’s the first thing your mind goes to? For most people, ourselves included, the first thing you’ll think of is going to be a woman having the hair removed from her legs, but recently it’s becoming a much more common thing for men to have their hair removed too.

Excessive or even possibly unsightly body hair isn’t a problem that only effects women, it affects men too an although it is more uncommon to see a man come in to have a laser hair removal treatment done on his legs, men are now coming to realise the same thing that women have for years which is that laser hair removal is one of the quickest, safest and most effective ways to permanently remove their unwanted hair.

So where can I have lasered?

To make it short, wherever you have unwanted hair you can have a laser hair removal treatment performed. Your neck, your eyebrows, your chest or back (meaning no more needing to find a second person to help you reach those extra tough spots), your beard and even your feet, everywhere is fair game (including your most sensitive regions). The only thing that can hold you back is your own tolerance to pain or discomfort.

How should I prepare?

Part of the reason that laser hair removal is so safe and effective is partially down to your preparation before having a treatment done. First things first, don’t even bother attempting to have a treatment done if you’re tanned (including whether or not it’s a fake tan) because the lasers can actually target the pigment within your skin.

Secondly, avoid any form of plucking, waxing, bleaching or electrolysis for up to two weeks before the treatment. Your hair must be there and in its natural colour in order for the treatment to work. You are able to shave for up until a day or two before your appointment, but at this point you must stop shaving to ensure the success of the treatment.

Are there any side effects?

For the majority of people, there are no side effects to be found but as with any cosmetic procedure out there, there is still some form of risk. The most common side effects are redness and skin sensitivity, ranging up to itching and irritation for around 24 hours after the treatment, although there are some more severe reactions that can occur in very rare cases.

So with more men now than ever before having laser hair removal treatments performed to prepare for a beach holiday in the sun or simply to show off their hard work at the gym, having to shave on a regular basis can now become a thing of the past.