Dermaplaning has become an amazing treatment for exfoliation of the skin where an aesthetician uses a very fine and sharp surgical scalpel to shave off dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, along with the very fine “peach fuzz” hair. For some people the thought of having their face essentially shaved may seem a little unnecessary and some people choose against having this treatment done, but for some people clearing away the built up dead skin and microscopic hair can clear your complexion and stop it seeming dull and flaky. Before booking yourself in for a dermaplaning treatment, its worth knowing all the facts though.

Firstly, dermaplaning can be carried out for all skin types, no matter whether the skin has been sun damaged or is incredibly dry. Due to the nature of the procedure though, it is highly recommended that those with acne avoid booking in until their complexion clears up.

Second up in our list and contrary to popular belief, the treatment won’t make your hair grow back thicker or darker. This is just an old wives tale and once the hair grows back, it may feel different due to the way in which the hair was cut but it will hold the same texture as before and grow at the exact same rate.

Next up, there’s no downtime associated with having a dermaplaning treatment done. Some redness may be expected but it isn’t always the case, with some people event booking themselves in for a dermaplaning treatment during their breaks in work and then going back once the treatment has been carried out.

Fourth, your makeup application routine will change forever. The “peach fuzz” and very fine hair on the skin will sometimes stand out underneath foundation and different face powders, in extreme cases it even stands out more than usual. Thanks to the way the scalpel removes all of the fine hairs on your skin, the makeup will be applied incredibly smoothly and provide you with a more evenly applied coverage. You should also notice that things like moisturiser and other skincare products will also be more effective than usual as your pores aren’t being blocked by dead skin cells.

Following your treatment, the next thing you need to be aware of is that you need to be incredibly diligent with the application of lotions to protect from the sun. Because your skin will be even more susceptible than usual to the sun following your exfoliation, you need to ensure that your skin is protected and should be covered with some form of sun protection every day, especially if you plan on going outside for a prolonged period of time.

Lastly, your results. The dermaplaning procedure will remove approximately three weeks worth of dead skin cells and hair growth giving your skin a radiant glow for the entire month, but since the hair cells are always actively growing and the skin is constantly regenerating, booking in for a dermaplaning treatment once per month is a good idea to ensure that your skin is kept as beautiful as possible.