For women worldwide, having the body that they desire is something that they can dream about and worry over for their entire lives. From designing their eyebrows and facial aesthetic through to removing fat around their waists, this is a goal that many women strive to achieve on a daily basis and one of the biggest (and we mean that literally) up and coming procedures are bum-enhancement procedures and with many women worldwide opting for a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift, we want to shed some light on what is actually involved in the procedure.

A non-surgical Brazilian butt lift procedure is something that women opt for if they are not naturally genetically blessed with a perfect derriere, and rather than resorting to such extreme lengths as plastic surgery involving silicone (or any other substance) implants for this sort of enhancement, you can now actually get similar results with a quick and simple procedure

Now where traditional buttock augmentation involves the surgical redistribution of fatty tissue or the implantation of external implants to create a visually and aesthetically pleasing shape for your rear end, a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift utilises a combination of fat freezing and HIFU technologies to painlessly contour and break down the cellulite, giving you the bum you’ve always wanted.

The combination of these two technologies specifically targets and melts through the fatty pockets that can cause the skin to appear dimpled and lumpy and allows the aesthetician to be able to reposition some of the more malleable fat cells into a position that gives a much more appealing buttock contour. Any broken-down fat is naturally expelled by the body through its normal waste methods, either through the lymph nodes or in substances such as your sweat and urine.

Before your procedure, your aesthetician will sit down with you and discuss your current bum shape and your desired goals. There are four very common bum shapes that we see and these are quite easily identifiable in a letter or shape format. These are;

  • V Shape – Where the buttocks naturally slope inwards from the top.
  • H Shape or Square – Where the buttocks are quite square all the way down.
  • O Shape or Round – Where the buttocks are very rounded.
  • A Shape or Heart – Where the buttocks start out quite narrow at the top and round out towards the bottom.

Once the shape of your buttocks has been figured out, it then allows you aesthetician to be able to work with you to help figure out and decide the right shape and style that you are looking for that will work well with your body.

In general, a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift treatment not only gives a better appearance to your rear end, it actually has several more positive effects, including reducing the loose skin, stretch marks and any cellulite found on the buttocks, thighs and saddlebag areas, whilst at the same time managing to lift and shape the fat cells within your buttocks to provide you with a fuller and more curvaceous silhouette.