What’s the difference between a surgical and a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift?

Everyone is born different and as such, our bodies are all different too. Some people got lucky with the cards they were dealt in life and have been genetically blessed with a perfect body and bum, but for others this is not the case and they need to resort to different measures to be able to get their dream body. The shape and proportion of your body is largely influenced by your genes but your diet also plays a crucial role as well and can have a critical effect on the shape and size of your body.

Some resort to plastic surgery with the use of expensive implants and others prefer to avoid going under the knife but either way there is one procedure that is known way more than all of the others, this is the Brazilian butt lift. The Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that has been around for a long time and has provided women around the world with instant results, but in more recent times a non-surgical variation has appeared and is becoming increasingly common.

Let’s start with a traditional Brazilian butt lift

The traditional and surgical variation of a Brazilian butt lift is a specialised procedure where unwanted body fat is transferred from one location of the body to aid the appearance of the buttocks. Usually, this excess fat is removed from the abdomen, hips or thighs using liposuction and will then be strategically re-injected into the buttocks to improve the shape and appearance without the need for implants.

The reason that this type of procedure is so popular is because rather than just improving the buttocks, a patient can lose fat in many common problem areas as well with results that are long lasting. The major downside to this type of procedure though is the cost and the downtime following the procedure.

Typically, the procedure itself results in a period of downtime of around 2 weeks or so where you will be unable to site or lie down in any way that would apply pressure to your buttocks. This means that during this period, you will be require to either stand or lie on your stomach/side for any activities that you undertake (except for using the toilet) which includes sleeping. Following this, you may need to sit on a special “donut” seat or a pillow for another few weeks as well to alleviate any pressure that could cause issues with your results.

What about a non-surgical Brazilian butt lift then?

A non-surgical Brazilian butt lift may seem harder right from the outset, considering as it would be quite difficult to extract and move any unwanted fat from other areas to enhance the appearance of the buttocks without opening an incision to do so. Instead, the use of clinically proven technologies gives a firmer and more toned bum without the need for moving fat using external means.

The combination of fat freezing and HIFU technologies pair together brilliantly and allow aestheticians the ability to work with the malleable fat beneath the skin. These technologies are specifically designed to target specific layers beneath the skin and work in complimentary ways to each other to provide a Brazilian butt lift treatment. The fat freezing technology is used to break down fat cells beneath the skin and melt the fatty pockets that cause the skin to appear dimpled and lumpy, whilst the HIFU technology aids in repositioning some of the more malleable areas of fat which gives a much more appealing contour to the buttocks. Any excess fat that has been broken down is naturally expelled by the body as waste and you are left with a more shapely silhouette.

Although it doesn’t have a massively positive affect on other problem areas with stubborn fat, it does have a positive effect on your bank account as it is a fraction of the cost of it’s surgical twin and it provides incredibly similar effects. You could even put the money that has been saved towards another non-surgical procedure to enhance the appearance of one of your problem areas and still end up saving a bit of cash.

A non-surgical Brazilian butt lift also has no downtime associated with it which is another huge benefit as it means that, barring a few pieces of advice on certain activities, can get back to your regular daily routine straight away.

So there’s the answer, the results are very similar and the main difference is that for a surgical variant, you’re looking at higher costs with longer downtime when opposed to the non-surgical Brazilian butt lift.