Spring has started to pass us by and now the summer months and heat are beginning to roll around quicker than you can imagine, meaning BBQ’s, ice creams and all sorts of treats and goodies. As much as we all want the perfect beach body, a lot of can start to put on a bit of extra weight and combating it is just that little bit tougher when you want to stay wrapped up warm in bed in a morning instead of going for a jog. So what if there was a way to get rid of your belly fat without actually needing to give up that extra hour of warmth in a morning?

The good news is that there is a way and it’s simply known as fat freezing (and without sounding like an advert you’d see on the television during the day, it does exactly what it says on the tin). Fat freezing treatments are becoming a new trend up and down the United Kingdom due to the way in which they can provide a toned and sculpted look without the need to exercise multiple times a day or the risk of going under the knife for a pricey weight loss surgery.

Using a specialised set of technologies, these fat freezing (or cryolipolysis if you want to be fancy) treatments can eliminate unwanted fat and because they are non-invasive (they don’t require cutting into the skin and moving things around), they are a much safer option to fight away that stubborn fat.

Woman undergoing a fat freezing procedure

What happens during a fat freezing treatment?

It’s scientifically known that when fat cells are cooled to a specific temperature, they will start to undergo a crystallisation process where the fat cells break down and are destroyed. This process has been worked on and perfected to be used on the human body where once the cells have been destroyed, they are simply flushed out through the lymphatic system as a form of waste (so in effect, your fat has been frozen and then you will sweat it out).

When the fat freezing treatment begins, an applicator cup is applied to the specific area that is to be targeted which delivers a controlled amount of cooling to the targeted area. Dependent on the amount of fat cells that are being targeted and the exact system being used, an anti-freeze membrane may also be used to give the skin and neighbouring cells a bit of additional protection. From this point, a gentle vacuum will draw any fatty tissue in this area into the applicator and cool it to the precise temperature where fat cells break down.

The best part about it is that although it will feel cold on your skin, the temperature that fat cells break down is much higher than that of your other cells, meaning that the elimination of the fat cells causes no damage to your surrounding tissue.

What about the all important results?

So you’ve just undergone a fat freezing treatment but when you look down your figure is still the same? Don’t worry, that’s completely normal and it can take a few weeks or months (depending on the individual patient and the amount of areas they have had treated) to see your results completely but the fat cells that were once there will have been destroyed and are being flushed out of the body using it’s natural processes.