Chemical Peels

Chemical peels come in all different types and each individual company will produce and sell peels made up of their own special formulations.

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Chemical Peels

Chemical peels come in all different types and each individual company will produce and sell peels made up of their own special formulations, however on a basic level, when it comes to aestheticians these peels are generally made of a solution of either alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), beta hydroxy acid (BHA) or a combination of both. The solution itself will be applied to the skin like a treatment mask and can be applied in one layer or in some cases a number of layers. At the end of the treatment, the peel is either left on the skin to self-neutralise or is removed and the skin will be cleansed. The acids contained within the peel work by dissolving the top layers of the skin which creates a controlled wound and in turn allows the skin to regenerate and heal itself.

Reasons to get a chemical peel

  1. Improves the natural texture of your skin
  2. Increases the cell regeneration rate within your skin
  3. Improve your skin’s ability to hold on to moisture
  4. Aids your skin in producing more collagen
  5. Helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  6. Helps to decrease hyperpigmentation
  7. Cleanses pores and aids with clearing up acne
  8. Leaves your skin looking and feeling smooth
  9. Makes your skin looking and feeling softer
  10. Helps give your skin an even tone
  11. Gives you a healthy “glow”
  12. Makes your skin look dewy
  13. Helps to improve minor scarring

Although chemical peels can help with all of the above, it unfortunately cannot make dramatic improvements to very deep wrinkles or sagging skin, conditions of that kind may require treatment with the use of lasers or cosmetic surgery.

Anybody, as long as they don’t have any of the contraindications listed below, can get a chemical peel. Generally, people with darker skin should take more precaution before getting a peel and must ensure that the peel they will be receiving is formulated for their skin type as some very strong chemical peels can cause more hyperpigmentation on darker skin.

We recommend that pregnant or nursing women do not receive chemical peels. As of yet, there are no studies about the effects of these peels on fetuses or nursing babies, however due to the chemical changes in the skin we would advise against this.

If you have been off Accutane for less than 6 months you cannot receive a peel from ourselves.

If you are prone to cold sores, a chemical peel can actually bring on an outbreak of these so we advise taking anti-viral medication before, on the day and the day following your treatment.

Finally, if you have a tendency to scar easily, are taking any form of antibiotics, suffer from cancer or any form of autoimmune disease, or have any open sores you will not be able to get a chemical peel.

Following your treatment, your skin will be more sensitive to natural sunlight and we advise that keep sunscreen on hand and applied for a few days following your peel. Our aesthetician will either include post-peel products in the price of the peel or will sell them afterwards for a reasonable price.

Before receiving a peel, you should exfoliate your skin at home of have one of our professional Dermaplaning treatments to ensure that your skin is properly prepared for the chemical peel. Your skin will be cleansed and degreased before the peel is applied, ensuring that all surface oils and debris are removed so that the peel can properly penetrate the skin.

Generally during a peel you will feel a warming sensation over the area that is being peeled. The aesthetician responsible for performing your peel will either fan the area for you or provide you will a small electric fan to hold over the area and aid in cooling your skin. Some patients may feel stinging, burning or even itching whilst the peel is performed and those sensations will stop once the peel is complete, if you feel any great discomfort during the peel inform your aesthetician and they will stop the peel immediately.

Directly following your peel, your skin will be more sensitive to direct sunlight so ensure that you are extremely vigilant about sunscreen use. Because of this, we do not recommend getting a chemical peel done in the summer or just before going on holiday to somewhere with a warm climate.

Following the peel, your skin will also feel tight and a little dry. Your skin may remain red for approximately an hour or so following the peel and some people will experience peeling of their skin approximately 3-5 days after their peel. This isn’t guaranteed to happen and will occur on an individual basis, the extent of the peeling will vary dependent on the person and depth of the peel.

Because chemical peels are stimulating, you may need to modify your lifestyle behaviour following a peel to avoid any unnecessary irritation or hyperpigmentation to your skin. Following a peel, we advise that you avoid excessive exercise with sweating for a few days, do not scrub or pick at your face or use retinol or AHA products for at least 10 days. We also recommend avoiding any excessive heat source such as a sauna or hot tub.

Generally, we recommend that you should get a chemical peel once every four to six weeks, however if you suffer with acne then there are some peels that you can have roughly every two weeks until you achieve the results that you want. Because of this, it can be a very smart idea to purchase a series of four or five peels up front to ensure that you can achieve your desired results, in addition to receiving a slight discount in the cost of these treatments. We also offer packages of chemical peels interspersed with microdermabrasion treatments or facials, these will help to enhance the results of the peel by exfoliating any flaky skin on your face, as well as preparing your skin for your next peel.

Unfortunately, chemical peels can be a bit unpredictable and the results vary on an individual basis. Some patients may see results as early as 10 days after their peel, however other may not see results until approximately 3 weeks after the treatment. For people who receive a large number of facial treatments, the chemical peel may simply enhance the way their normal skin looks and not provide any huge change or results.

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If you’re on the fence about having a treatment done, why not read some of the comments below from previous clients who were more than happy to share their experience.

I had a treatment a few weeks ago and can confirm the results are amazing I was very impressed with Sharon and Lindsey, both were friendly and very professional and make you feel relaxed. The treatment itself was a little uncomfortable but not painful. I would definitely recommend this clinic to everyone.


Well what an amazing hair removal treatment. I tried this treatment at another clinic and it’s was painful and awful. This time at Better Body Clinic it was a completely different experience. Totally painless and amazing experience. Both the ladies that run this clinic are fabulous. I had a detailed consultation and then the treatment was superb. I have booked a course and second session in 4 weeks. Can’t wait!!! Thanks so much


Loved coming to the salon today , was lovely to have abit of pampering for a change ..Sharon and Lindsey are lovely and very professional, and would definitely recommend this salon to anyone wanting these professional treatments…..will definitely be back for more treatments… thanx girls xx

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