SlenderJab Weight Loss

When used correctly alongside a healthy low-calorie meal plan and increased physical activity is guaranteed to help shift excess weight.

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What is it?

An FDA approved prescription medicine that when used correctly alongside a healthy low-calorie meal plan and increased physical activity is guaranteed to help shift that unwanted excess weight by working as an appetite suppressant, whilst also proven to improve many indicators of cardiovascular risk.

How is it administered?

A simple & painless daily injection using a very easy to use, tiny, dose-adjusted pen that is pre-filled with the medication. All you have to do is set the dial to the correct dosage and inject under the skin of the abdomen. You must follow the administration, dosing and instructions given to you by our medical practitioners in order to minimise the risk of side effects and safely achieve your desired goals. You will also receive review appointments with your appointed medical practitioner (all complimentary at no further cost) so that we can monitor and record your weight, blood pressure, dose adjustments and blood glucose levels.

Your medication will last 3-4 weeks dependent on your individual dosage plan.

Is it safe?

The medication has been used for some time in several countries ‘off label’ to effectively control and treat weight loss. The product has passed rigorous clinical trials for safety and has recently become the only approved injectable prescription medicine available in the UK for weight-loss purposes.

How does it work?

The medication converts the fat stores within your body into energy, resulting in the weight-loss. It also steadies and maintains blood glucose levels so that your appetite is suppressed, but your body does not go into starvation mode.

We recommend it alongside a healthy low calorie diet and remaining hydrated. Your metabolism will remain maintained so that no rapid weight gain will occur once you have finished using the product.

How much weight will I expect to lose?

If the instructions provided to you are followed carefully then you can potentially expect to lose between 1-2 stone in a 4-6 week period. We cannot guarantee this for everybody – due to individual differences. However, this has been an average amount lost by our patients who have recently trialled the new weight loss medication.

Can anybody take this medication?

No, a full medical history will be taken and you will receive a thorough consultation with our medical practitioner in order to distinguish if we are able to prescribe the medication for you.People who are not able to take such medication include:

  • Patients on diabetic medication
  • Patients on thyroid medication
  • Patients with Eating disorders, Body Dysmorpia or any other mental health issues we may be concerned by
  • Patients with a BMI <20
  • Patients we feel do not qualify for the medication for any other reasons discussed during your consultation.
  • Pregnant individuals and those breast feeding

Our patients are reviewed & monitored carefully. If we feel you are losing too much weight, your BMI is too low, you no longer require the medication or we have any other concerns regarding your physical or mental health/well-being then we reserve the right to discontinue your prescription.

What are the side effects?

All medications have the potential for side effects but this newly approved weight loss medication is remarkably well tolerated if taken as directed by your appointed medical practitioner.

Some people may experience slight nausea to begin with but most people find that this soon dissipates with continued use. Other side effects may include dyspepsia and diarrhoea. You will receive further information during your consultation, in which will provide you with all the
information required regarding this prescription medicine.

The majority of our patients who have recently trialled the medication with our guidance have reported no side effects being experienced.

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